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Product Overview



* Don't lose money by missing important calls! 24x7 service

* The system is consistent and never needs a day off

* Manage your receptionist the way you want with Delacon's easy to use web interface

* Transfer calls automatically to the right person

* Set the receptionist to automatically record and email missed calls

* You can be up and running within 5 minutes

* Full inbound call reporting

  Speech receptionist - OVERVIEW

Special Offer

From just $29 per month* Delacon's Speech Receptionist gives you all the features of a PABX at a fraction of the cost. AND, for a limited time you get $40 of free credit when you add $40 to your prepaid account.

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What the Speech Receptionist Offers your Company

The Speech Receptionist will benefit your company in a range of ways including:

  The consistent and professional welcome provided by the Speech Receptionist will have you sounding like an ASX100 company. Click here to listen to an example.

 Asks the caller who they would like to speak to and, using the latest in voice recognition technology, transfers the caller directly to the correct person or department.

  Allows employees to select where they would like their calls diverted to - either a landline, mobile or message to email if they're not able to take calls.

 Screens your calls by asking the caller to say their name. The name is then played to the reciever and they can choose to take the call or not. If you choose not to take the call the Receptionist will go back to the caller and take a message.

 Dynamically routes calls as required by time of day or where the call is coming from.

 Allows you to quickly build and amend IVR menus.

 Sends voice messages to email with unlimited message boxes.

 Easy to manage - immediate updates can be made using a simple web interface - and takes under 5 minutes to set up - Try it now for free.

The Speech Receptionist will save you money:

 Delacon hosts the solution which means no hardware or software costs at all.

 No operator or receptionist is required.


For an audio demonstration please CLICK HERE



This innovative product is making a big impact, listen to a recent radio discussion on Future Trends:



Call Flow Example

The diagram below illustrates a possible call flow for the Speech Receptionist. It shows the various call outcomes that are possible and how simple and effective the solution is.




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